Community Spotlight: Bryce Savoy of Geaux Preaux, LA

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Nathan Ross:, Bryce Savoy:


Nathan Ross: 00:00

Hello, welcome to the community spotlight. I'm Nathan rests with Prestigious Painting and I'm here to introduce you to people that I know and trust in our community that you can hopefully do business with. So I'm joined with Bryce Savoy from Geaux Preaux, Louisiana. How are you doing?


Bryce Savoy: 00:14



Nathan Ross: 00:15

Glad you could do this with me today. So tell us where you're from?


Bryce Savoy: 00:19

Originally from Zachary, but now reside more far on the diversion canal so a bit over.


Nathan Ross: 00:25

You know, one into the other. Right.


Bryce Savoy: 00:26

And that's right.


Nathan Ross: 00:28

So tell us about Geaux Preaux. What do you guys do?


Bryce Savoy: 00:31

So Geaux Preaux, we do a bit of everything we do automotive detailing boat detailing, home solutions, we have some industrial stuff we do paint protection film, window tint a little bit of everything.


Nathan Ross: 00:42

What kind of all solutions we say what kind of services do you do there?


Bryce Savoy: 00:47

So we've got protective coatings for glass, stainless, copper, courtside, granite marble for put in pretty much any hard surface on a home, we can protect it and keep it that way versus having to use harsh chemicals or polishes to keep along. So kind of preserve the look and feel.


Nathan Ross: 01:04

Like a brand new nice like stainless steel oven or like new granite or quartz countertops. You can put a coating on those and protect them and keep them from getting like same.


Bryce Savoy: 01:15

Same, everything like that scuff and scratch resistant.


Nathan Ross: 01:19

Very cool.


Bryce Savoy: 01:20

Higher gloss than normal. So


Nathan Ross: 01:24

So what is it that? I guess you you? Do you have an office here in Baton Rouge now you just moved? You set one to ascension? And what is it that I guess brought you closer to town? And like what do you like about doing visits here in


Bryce Savoy: 01:39

Baton Rouge, there's a lot more I can there's a lot more places to eat for lunch. A lot of supplies and you know vendors are actually closer to them now. So if I meet someone or hurry, I can get it and not have to waste a half a day. For sure. But then a lot of our clients work in Baton Rouge so they can drop off their vehicles or we can valet them for them. We're already ready for the work already.


Nathan Ross: 02:02

We'll see we'll go and pick up vehicles and drop them off when you're done eating and same with boats.


Bryce Savoy: 02:07

Yep, same thing for boats, cars, RVs, pretty much anything in the middle roll.


Nathan Ross: 02:13

[inaudible] service right?


Bryce Savoy: 02:14

Yeah, that's right.


Nathan Ross: 02:15

So I guess how did you end up in this line of work what got you in the detail.


Bryce Savoy: 02:19

I started doing it on the side when I was in college and then kind of just kept playing a little bit and grew a client base and then I graduated from southeastern in accounting did that for six years and kind of got drawn back to the detailing and


Nathan Ross: 02:35

I love your story how you went from like accounting, which is a very like into inside like desk job, I would think to something completely different.


Bryce Savoy: 02:44

That's a good one from accounting to basically something you'd see on dirty jobs, right? It's 180 from where what we were doing, but if it's your personality, right, you know, like I've figured it out detail boats cars efficiently effectively and where everybody can afford it and protect them at the same time. So we enjoy doing that something different every day ya know, if you go on our website or our Facebook or social media you'll see all the crazy stuff.


Nathan Ross: 03:08

I love fun just seeing like what huge monstrous boat that you're working on or like this huge big truck or whatever every every day on much almost cool stuff.


Bryce Savoy: 03:18

Something different all the time


Nathan Ross: 03:20

So when you're not you're not detailing you know big maker that stuff What are you doing on your off time?


Bryce Savoy: 03:26

So I run a run a Hunt Club with 55 Guys so and then I do a lot of fish and then a little bit water so we did a lot of boating events. Yeah sponsor a few things in the water


Nathan Ross: 03:37

Poker runs and all that stuff.


Bryce Savoy: 03:38

Poker runs, you know, meet and greets on the weekends kind of like a cars and coffee type deal and call it folks and brunch on the water. We picked different venues to start you know for lunch time, you know, kind of split up whoever we're kind of getting.


Nathan Ross: 03:53

That's fine. It's very cool. So this fits your lifestyle thing.


Bryce Savoy: 03:57

Yeah, so basically it's not really like working it's basically you know.


Nathan Ross: 04:02

To hang out with the people that you play with right so serve them and what they need


Bryce Savoy: 04:06

A lot of our customers become like family and you know we call each weekend and say where do you go on this weekend? What bars you go into what you know what you got the sandbar stuff like that. So you know it's good family atmosphere that we kind of create with our customers.


Nathan Ross: 04:20

That's good. So what is something unique that we haven't talked about that only Geaux Preaux offers?


Bryce Savoy: 04:28

I have to be high the level of service with any business there's ups and downs there's there's certain customers you can't satisfy 100% but we always go out of our way for the boats. We typically don't charge to pick up any boats, you know and deliver on the same thing with cars unless it's you know, outside of the greater Baton Rouge area. Yeah, you know, we've got the equipment to do pretty much anything imaginable to cars, you know, we also do insurance work as well. on. So if you've overspray your car, you know, you can get away with that effectively. If you you know, if you're [inaudible].


Nathan Ross: 05:07

I've never had this to anybody cheaper.


Bryce Savoy: 05:10

Right. So then if your car was in an accident, was previously ceramic coat by another place we can take care of that. In house window gets busted, we can resent that


Nathan Ross: 05:23

You know, you guys have a lot of different services, one thing that you've, we've talked about before, you know, over the years, so use different ceramic coating products. And you've probably been through more than one series of products over the year, and you've really found some that you really happy with, right? Right.


Bryce Savoy: 05:40

So, our newest product is from the ceramic company, we had, we had a full line for boats, cars, you know, Home Solutions. And we also have maintenance products as well. So it's something that the end user can keep up with, or weak or if they choose, so we can maintain it for them. And then it's very cost effective. Unlike some coatings, where you're paying a super high premium, it's taken three or four days to do a car, you know, our highest package, we can get out in a day and a half and still have that same quality, more durability and more cost effective for the end user versus, you know, two or $3,000.


Nathan Ross: 06:18

And you guys offer warranties on your coatings.


Bryce Savoy: 06:20

Yeah, so it's all about warranty through us. And then one thing that I'm adding is we're about to offer third party warranties. So if you lose your car keys, we have like it's a $99 policy most key fobs today, or two or $75 or more Plus Program. This insurance policy will allow you one key fob a year to replace, you know, it's only the 140 the $99 you pay the one time nice and we have wheel and tire protection, seats for rips and tears, headliners, plastic trim.


Nathan Ross: 06:54

All that stuff that you can't like get from a normal.


Bryce Savoy: 06:58

If you can get stuff like that and when dealership, but it doesn't cover the way that our our warranty process does. You can also get it on your ceramic coating, your paint protection film, and they're about to add 10. So I mean, based based on anything you put on the car, we can have that warranty, you know for a very cost effective price.


Nathan Ross: 07:16

Nice. So you has a lot of great services you can offer in terms of keeping up your motorized vehicles.


Bryce Savoy: 07:25

We do side by sides, ATVs, golf carts, motorcycles, everything


Nathan Ross: 07:30

Got wheels and a motor or runner you can do everyting.


Bryce Savoy: 07:33

A hard surface that is dead we can do we can get it well.


Nathan Ross: 07:36

So if somebody is watching or listening and they want to get in touch with you, what's the best way to do that?


Bryce Savoy: 07:41

The best way is on my cell phone 225-572-4007. I've got on me 24/7 That is my personal line. So I answered whenever someone calls. Yep. And then if you're not really if you don't really want to talk to us, you know, we have our website, which has majority of our services, and then there is just by email.


Nathan Ross: 08:03

What's your website?


Bryce Savoy: 08:05



Nathan Ross: 08:08

All right, perfect. It will be on the link on the post here. So thanks Bryce for joining me today. I know Bryce and I trust him so I hope that you'll do business with them. If you know somebody in your community that you trust and you do business with and you'd like to see him on the next community spotlight, let me know they might be here next.

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