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What are people saying about The Quality Group?

Eddie - Your guys are impressive! They moved an entire phase in one day and started on the 3rd one same day. They finished us in a day and a half! You have a great crew and Craig is a great leader! I am thankful that we have you for movers!
Melanie Smith, Administrative Assistant
GranthamPoole, Certified Public Accountants
Mike & Rick, “Out the Park” -- Outstanding! Well done, Gentlemen! – hats off to you both and our wonderful service team!
Patrick Cronin, General Manager
Risk Management, Inc.
I’m writing to commend you, Joe, and your team mates. The pre-move planning and Quality Group methodologies and processes are something to behold. Your crew is top notch; conscientious, quick, and efficient. Your entire process runs like a well-oiled machine. We’re convinced that had it not been for you, your crew, and your process, the move would have taken much longer and would have had a high probability of being a nightmare. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Michale B. Wilson, AIA Managing Partner
Crump Wilson Architects
We would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your employees who completed a moving job for us recently at the Area Port of New Orleans, Customs House earlier this month. We were extremely pleased and impressed with professional communication, timeliness, and work while they were here. We wish to thank you and your staff for their hard work and look forward to a continued successful business relationship. In these difficult labor times, you should be very proud of your workforce.
Caroll Kerr-Borne, Supervisory Missions Support Specialist
U.S. Customs & Border Protection
I am extremely pleased with what I’ve heard from Michelle and what I have witnessed firsthand. Your method/process works! The manner in which the move was organized and facilitated is impressive! Additionally, every single Quality Group employee that we encountered during the move was pleasant and professional. It’s obvious that the Quality Group has built a very strong foundation and it not only shows in the services provided, but in the attitude of its employees. We appreciate the team immensely for making this a smooth and pleasant transition!
Michelle Herbert, Chief Executive Officer
Trigon Associates



Nathan Ross, Joe DiGiovanni

Nathan Ross: 00:01

Hello, I'm here with Joe DiGiovanni, and he's with The Quality Group. And I wanted to tell you about his business. He's somebody that I know and trust in and work together with. So Joe, tell us a little bit about yourself.


Joe DiGiovanni: 00:14

Well, I started the business back close to 29 years ago, I was actually 29 years old, and saw a need in the Baton Rouge area for a company that would specialize in office relocation. There was a lot of moving and storage companies, but nobody was really specializing in an office relocation over a weekend. So I was working for a company, a national moving household goods residential carrier here in the Baton Rouge area. And I was going through marketing at LSU.


And I was looking for a small business that I could start with something I always wanted to do since I was a kid. And I had the opportunity to do that. I got involved with this company, and did a lot of their office relocations over the weekend. Okay, the problem was, I couldn't get the people that were involved with the company to support that they really wanted to work Monday through Friday, and this business is really focused on, you know, keeping companies operational throughout the whole process of moving a business from one location to another. So, you know, I was fortunate enough to have some banking with the local banks here, they gave me the opportunity to follow my dream.


And 29 years later, I'm still here, here, I still visit, we've got locations here in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and also Jackson, Mississippi. What we do, Nathan, is basically we focus on business relocation, overnight or over a weekend, we try to minimize the disruption for a customer and see that there's no operational downtime, as they go through the process of relocation. So it's a specialty service, a lot of times people try to compare us to a typical Moving and Storage or residential type waiver.


This is a real specialized service, we get involved with, you know, a timeline, the multiple tasks that are involved in a relocation and, you know, all types of vendors that might be involved. Your IT vendor is an important part of this whole process. People that have modular furniture, very time consuming process, you have to coordinate with, you know, the voice and data with your IT department or the IT outsource company. There may be electricians involved, property managers are always involved. And again, the timeline, you have to have someone that has the ability to have an experience, you know, staff that can actually dismantle, relocate, and re-assemble that modular furniture. So we see a lot of that in this type of business.


Nathan Ross: 03:07

Let's say I don't envy you. I don't like taking apart or putting together all this furniture.


Joe DiGiovanni: 03:13

Well, you know, that's one of the things that I can say that I'm very fortunate, very blessed to have is an experienced crew. One of the things that we pride ourselves on is the retention of our staff. The fact that we've been in business, you know, going on 29 years, that we've maintained a very good experience group of people that know all different facets of the modular furniture world.


So with that, you know, we we basically can put together any size, move, whether it's one office, or you know, up to 1000 offices, you know, what we try to do is we try to create a timeline based on all the different tasks that are involved, and reduce that to a time schedule. And then that way we all have, you know, good information, a schedule of activity, right, that we can follow, and that the customer knows exactly when we started and when we're going to be completed with the project.


Nathan Ross: 04:12

So I've worked with Joe with clients before and I've seen firsthand there's a lot of planning and logistics involved in what you do. It seems like that's the biggest part of the job is putting together the plan with the client. And I know that you're really thorough, and you have so much experience, you know, how to predict where you're going to have issues, how to resolve those. And so it makes it a lot easier for the client, you know, so as opposed to when you move in your house, you start throwing stuff in the boxes and put it into movement. Try when you've got a business to operate. There's like it's important that everything goes to the right place that you predict so many different things. And you've made it really easy for my clients. Even when they weren't moving where we just needed to empty out a big space to paint an office. You made it, you know, you were you were a Godsend for them, I think. Because everything and how are we going to do this.


Joe DiGiovanni: 05:12

It's a great combination of services. And what we try to do is we try to complement you know, the different companies that we work with. Certainly Prestigious Painting is one of those that we like working with, because you guys do the same thing. You know, you set a timeframe. And when we did the work for the local company here, just recently, I noticed that you guys, were there, like, two minutes after our guys just completed. So, you know, that was a scheduling and the optimization of the schedule is the customer, you know, sees the, you know, just a continued, you know, process going, where there's one vendor comes in, does their part and right following behind that is procedures painting and what you guys did so, yeah, it was a it was a very good team effort on that.


Nathan Ross: 06:03

So you've lived and worked in Baton for a long time.


Joe DiGiovanni: 06:07

Yeah, I came to Baton Rouge when I was 17, to attend LSU. And my wife, Judy, and I've been married to now going on 30 years. She moved from New Orleans, and we both made Baton Rouge our home.


Nathan Ross: 06:23

What is it that you like about Baton Rouge that it has kept you here for so long without doing business here?


Joe DiGiovanni: 06:28

I think it's the community, the people here, you know, just I think it's a great, you know, the family orientation of Baton Rouge and the closeness of people. We've been in our neighborhood. And, you know, when my daughter was five years old, she's 28 years old now. And, you know, the same neighbors and people looking out for each other. And I see that in the business climate too. Yeah, I see a lot of, you know, the ability for people to share your information. And you know, our business is based on referrals. And Baton Rouge has been very good to me and to The Quality Group, in that sense, is that we've had a great referral network, we continue to have that. And I think a lot of that is because of the way people are here in Baton Rouge. If you do good work, you know, think your business is good based on that so.


Nathan Ross: 07:29

Yeah, it's a big small town. Yes definitely, when try to think about I agree with that. So, before we wrap up, tell me one thing that the quality group does that's unique that only The Quality Group can do for people that are moving their businesses.


Joe DiGiovanni: 07:46

I think what we do, that sets us aside from, from most people in this type of business is I believe in owner management on site, throughout the entire process. So when a project manager from The Quality Group comes out to assess your, your particular job, that same person is on site with the crew, to see that everything that you agreed upon with the customer, is done exactly the way we described it. Always within budget, and always on time. And what we'd like to do is we like to say we're on time every time.


Nathan Ross: 08:26

Well, I can attest to that. And I like that you have somebody that just takes complete ownership of a project and a job and really sees it through from start to finish. A lot of the time when a business grows, as you start to decentralized thing, that's that's where things can fall apart. So it's great that you've got somebody that customer is to know from the beginning, and they see it through to the end, and they have that one person that they can rely on, go to for questions, help them along the way and through all the stress of moving is a stressful process, right? I think guys make it easier.


Joe DiGiovanni: 09:02

And, you know, that's really what we feel is you know, the one thing that shows people that we're going to take a lot of the stress out of this entire environment by having that one person to go to that same familiar face. You see, that's the person you originally did. Business with from the very beginning. That's the last person you see when the job is completed. And I think that really brings you know the full, you know, facet of what we do for a customer. Yeah, one point of contact. Always, you know, within budget under budget on time, every time.


Nathan Ross: 09:42

Yeah, you're doing business with a person and not just company. Oh great. Well, I can personally recommend Joe, if if you're planning to move your business. Maybe you're growing, maybe you're changing to a better location, whatever it might be. Here's your guide if you haven't thought about it fact that you're gonna need a commercial mover, I think you need to talk with Joe.


Joe DiGiovanni: 10:04

Thank you, I appreciate that.


Nathan Ross: 10:06

So where can people find you if they want to pick your brain a little bit?


Joe DiGiovanni: 10:10

Well, the best way would be to visit us on our website, the quality group incorporated and it's And if you would like you can also call me directly. My name is Joseph De Giovanni and I can be reached at 504-415-6074, thank you.


Nathan Ross: 10:32

Alright. Thanks for sharing.


Joe DiGiovanni: 10:34

Appreciate it.

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