Community Spotlight with Landon, Amanda Roussel of Communitas Primary Care

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3617 Perkins Rd #2b, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

What are people saying about Communitas Primary Care?

Just visited with Amanda and Dr. Landon! They truly care about their patients and want the very best for them! I recommend that you visit their office and get to know them because they are one of a kind! They truly care about establishing relationships with their patients not only to maintain their physical health, but also their mental health as well!

Chrissy C.

Remarkable care that is very affordable. Dr. Roussel takes time to listen and is passionate about his patients' concerns. I continue to recommend him.

Jeff B.

Compassionate and knowledgeable primary care physician--an elusive combo. On our first appointment, Dr. Roussel spent two hours going over my history. He is patient and attentive. He has always been readily available for my husband and myself--he has spared us from two urgent care and one ER visit just in one month. Even though he does not take insurance, he has saved us about $400 in co-pay's alone this month. We are very thankful to have Dr. Roussel as our primary care physician.

Sarah R.

Dr. Landon and his wife, Amanda, have a passion for taking care of people that is evident in their practice. They care about your long term wellness and provide the highest level of personalized care.

Lindsay B.



Nathan Ross, Amanda Roussel, Landon


Nathan Ross: 00:00

Hello, welcome to the community spotlight. I'm Nathan Ross with Prestigious Painting and I'm here to introduce you to people that I know and trust in our community. Today I'm joined by Landon and Amanda Roussel with Communitas Primary Care. How are you guys?


Amanda Roussel: 00:15

Great, thank you so much for being here.


Nathan Ross: 00:17

Thanks for joining us. So, like for everybody to get to know you first of all, so tell us where you're from?


Amanda Roussel: 00:24

We both grew up in Texas, and we have called Louisiana home since the week after the flood.


Nathan Ross: 00:29

Oh, wow. Well welcome to Louisiana.


Amanda Roussel: 00:32

Thank you.


Landon: 00:34

Interestingly, I even though I grew up in Texas, my family's actually from the Baton Rouge area. I would always come back to Louisiana for holidays, Christmas and summer times to visit my family in St. James Parish whenever I was a kid. So even though we grew up in Texas, Louisiana was always home.


Nathan Ross: 00:55

Well, that's good. Tell us a little bit about Communitas Primary Care and what you do here?


Amanda Roussel: 01:01

Well, Communitas Primary Care as a direct primary care practice, which means we provide personalized unhurried prevention minded medical care, affordably and insurance free.




Nathan Ross: 01:16

So I've been able to take advantage of this. And my family is patient here. You guys helped me out recently when I came down with a cold and it was the most pleasurable experience I've ever had in a doctor. There's no wait. Doctor took my phone call himself. And as things progress after I saw the first time, he made it really easy to follow up to on other treatment options and things like that. It was just the best experience I've ever had with a doctor thus far. So I can say that I'm sold.


Landon: 01:57

Much appreciated.


Nathan Ross: 01:58

So what is it now that you guys here Baton Rouge that you love about Baton Rouge about doing business here that led you want to open a business here,


Landon: 02:06

We definitely enjoy that this is a small business minded community. And so there's a lot of resources for small businesses to draw on, and working with other small businesses. So we love that about Baton Rouge. Why we chose to come to the Baton Rouge area. It's an interesting story. But to sum it up, I was traveling home or traveling back to Cambridge, Massachusetts from Baton Rouge when I was in residency.


And I was at Harvard Medical School and I read an article in the hemispheres magazine and was united about Louisiana and the opportunities that are presented and you know, economically. And I realized that if this was a place that I could do this type of practice sustainably and make it work that this is where I needed, I needed to be home to, you know, to bring back my skills to come back and, you know, practice medicine, where I come from. So that's sort of the inspiration coming to Louisiana in the Baton Rouge area and in a nutshell.


Nathan Ross: 03:33

What is it that inspired you to be in medicine in the first place?


Landon: 03:38

So my aspiration for going into medicine was actually when I went to my maternal grandfather's funeral, I thought for most of my childhood that I was going to fall in the footsteps of my father and be an engineer. My dad was a chemical engineer, his dad was plant manager at Kaiser Aluminum out and in St. James Parish. So I thought I was going to follow in their footsteps. I was always good at math and science.


But when I went to my maternal grandfather's funeral, I didn't really know very well. i He was the editor and actually his dad was the editor of the Clarion Herald Catholic newspaper in New Orleans. And so I saw in his people talking about him and his life, you know, in his sort of artistic talents and his love for the arts. I sort of saw in myself saw him and myself and realize that the best combination of of my talents for science and math, and my yearning for art and the human condition, connecting the people every day was in medicine.


Nathan Ross: 04:54

Well, it sounds like you've got a lot of personal motivation that led you to want to be involved in In the practice of medicine, I guess, we talked, we mentioned, direct primary care. And you summed it up very succinctly in what you do. But what led you guys to get involved in this type of model of practicing medicine as opposed to? You know, you mentioned small business, but usually healthcare is big business, you know, hospitals and big practices and things like that. So tell me what is it that lead your primary care to direct primary care.


Landon: 05:33

So when I was a fourth year medical student, I was sort of questioning where I would go with my career, and I saw a lot of my faculty and professors practicing primary care. And I was not impressed. Seeing, you know, primary care physician check to see 20, 30 patients a day to make to make ends meet. And not really getting time with any one of your patients just didn't seem consistent with the career that I wanted to go into. That's not what inspired me to go into medicine in the first place. So around that time, my lovely wife and practice manager was researching alternative models of healthcare delivery and came across a direct primary care model.


And this was a model that allowed you to spend more time with people and give them more attention and have a smaller patient panel by going off of the insurance grid, and actually doing this at an affordable price. And so I was fortunate enough. So that was my motivation, actually, to go into primary care, and to clinical medicine in the first place was direct primary care.


But I was fortunate enough, when I finished medical school to get into a residency program supported by Harvard Medical School, that actually allowed me to go to Seattle, to mentor with, get Dr. Garrison Bliss of Q Lyons and actually learn this model, hands on from the founder. And so once I sort of mentored him and some other direct primary care doctors, I sort of started to develop my own plan to do this here in Louisiana.


Nathan Ross: 07:22

Yeah, so I think that it sounds to me like this model is a win-win for you and for the patient, because you get to live a more realistic lifestyle as a doctor, and actually spend time to build relationships with people. And then your patients actually get to know you, get personal attention from you. And all the benefits that come with that. So I think so far, fingers crossed, it's worked out really great. So what last thing I asked you is what, what is unique that people that will become your patients or come to your business can get from you to that they can only find here?


Amanda Roussel: 07:23

I'd love to answer that, like, patients come first, period. And any other doctors offices can say that. But we have the model that actually puts patients first. And our name of our company Communitas means community of equals, we treat patients as equals, we treat them as people who are deserving of dignity, respect, and time. So we're completely transparent. And we respect people where they're at and want to know them. So we believe our patients offer as much to us as we can to them


Landon: 08:45

And, you know, given the model that we have, we don't have the constraints of having to see X amount of patients per day to pay our overhead. We are focused is value because patients pay us for value. They don't pay us for CPT codes. And so, you know, when an office visit requires an hour, we'll give them an hour, when a patient just needs to come in for a procedure and injection. You know, we can do that, we don't have to make them wait for that. Whenever someone needs to call and get something over the phone, we can handle that too. So our focus is providing value. And so that's a very different type of delivery of healthcare than what you'll find anywhere else that's taking traditional insurance.


Nathan Ross: 09:40

Absolutely. Well, as we've said, I'm so hopeful, people who are watching this will derive some value from what we're talking about and take a look at what you guys are doing here. I think you're really pushing forward medicine into today's age. And this can provide a lot of value for people. So if anyone is interested in Communitas Primary Care where can they find you right now.


Amanda Roussel: 10:07

You can find us on Facebook, C o m m u n i t a s primary care, or call the doctor directly. What's your number again?


Landon: 10:19



Amanda Roussel: 10:22

So if you make a phone call here, it goes to his phone and you will hear him.


Nathan Ross: 10:26

And he answers his phone unless he's with a patient.


Amanda Roussel: 10:30

And then I answered.


Nathan Ross: 10:32

Well, great. Well, thank you guys.


Amanda Roussel: 10:33

Pleasure. Thank you.

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