Contractor Questions




To Hire An ALL-STAR Painting Contractor!

Avoid hiring the wrong company, EVER AGAIN, by asking these 11 SIMPLE QUESTIONS!
(PLUS... We'll tell you what to look for in their answers!)

Using this checklist, you'll learn....

What to ask to ensure the job doesn’t go wrong …OR… is left incomplete.
How to know if your paint job is going to last… so you won’t have to do this again in 3 years.
Whether they focus on the right part of the job… so you don’t have to worry if it is done right.
How to make sure you hire someone you can TRUST… so you don’t get screwed over.

“The biggest challenge homeowners face when trying to hire a painter, is sorting through the differences between the contractors. Use this list to help you narrow down who can give you the best value for your money.

Nathan Rust, Co-Owner of Prestigious Painting

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