In 2007, Thadius Hawkins and Benjamin Blanchard were both engineering students at LSU. That Summer, they met while both working for one of the biggest property management companies in Baton Rouge, LA. Thadius’ job was to contract and manage different subcontractors on the property. These subcontractors were to make the apartments look new after the old tenants moved out. He found it incredibly difficult to find a good painting company, so a light bulb went off in his head. Thadius contacted his friend Ben, who was a very successful leasing agent at the property, and asked him if he would like to sell for the painting company. They quickly found out that they worked very well together and decided to become partners and start Prestigious Painting. Since then, Thadius and Ben have never looked back.

Benjamin Blanchard
Thadius Hawkins

They quickly became one of the premier multifamily/commercial painting companies in the greater Baton Rouge area and have retained the majority of the market share in that industry. As they grew to know the trade, they noticed many clients and acquaintances complaining that they just could not find a good residential painting company. Once analyzing the market, they decided to jump right in and start another Prestigious brand, and this one would focus on residential painting. Residential and commercial painting are completely different in every way, so they decided they would bring in somebody to focus all of their attention on providing the best quality service to the residential market. One of the managers they were doing work for at the time, Nathan Rust, was growing tired of his middle management job. Because of his experience running subcontractors and employees, his understanding of always having to keep tenants happy on a daily basis, and his vast experience of management itself, Thadius and Ben felt he was the perfect fit to take on the challenge. Prestigious Residential was born!

Nathan Rust started working for a local property management firm after returning to Baton Rouge after college. Hoping to learn more about Real Estate Development, he applied for the best entry level leasing job he could find and worked his way up to Management within two years. His goal since leaving college was to learn as much as he could, and take that knowledge to build a business of his own. Along the way, he learned about sales, construction, management, maintenance, financing, and more. He forged relationships with vendors and partners that helped him learn and succeed. However, three and a half years after starting that career path, he realized he was miserable. Long hours, low pay, and unnecessary stress had left him unhappy and empty of the spark that once kept him going. Luckily, he met two men that had taken a different path after leaving the same company when they were seniors in college at LSU, and had started a local painting company. Ben, Thadius, and Nathan became fast friends, bonding over conversation about building businesses and how to be great entrepreneurs. When the time came, they offered Nathan a chance to build something new with them.

A seed is planted.

The Residential Painting division of Prestigious Painting was born. With a few months of savings in hand, Nathan quit his job and found something to be excited for again. They started to research and plan for how they could best find new customers and determine what they wanted out of a painter for their home. Things were off to a great start, but then something truly unexpected happened…

Nathan Rust
Nathan Rust

Nathan and his wife, Amanda, found out they were pregnant!

The timing couldn’t have been worse, but they were overjoyed to have their first child on the way. The problem was, they had just started a new growing business that had little spare income to provide for a family of three. They had to do something, and fast! Nathan worked long hours creating marketing, doing estimates for new customers, overseeing jobs, and recruiting new painters.

The crops were planted, but we needed some serious Miracle Grow.

In February 2013, they decided to invest into a trip to the National PDCA conference in St. Louis, MO, hoping to find a fast-track to growth. It was there during a roundtable discussion, that Nathan happened to sit at a table with Steve and April Burnett. He heard all about their successful Residential Painting Business in Florida and saw how polished, and frankly how happy they seemed to be. He returned back to Louisiana inspired to bring something different to painting. With a new zeal and vision for his leg of the business, Nathan and the team worked and grew the business in time for the arrival of his new little boy, Elijah.

Four years later, Nathan is a partner in the business, and has learned more and more every year about how to create a Painting Business that is a head above the rest. Not only has the business grown, but his family has too! A little girl joined the Rust family in May 2017.

Read or Watch what some of our biggest fans have to say about us!

We were on a tight deadline and Prestigious Painting Delivered! It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. We had the best crew who was very knowledgeable, skilled, and professional. We could not be happier with our finished project!

Andrea S

Hector and his crew did an amazing job with our interior paint job, especially the cabinets they repainted. On the final day we did a walk through of the whole house so he could make sure everything was perfect.

Edy A

I was very pleased with the crew that painted my house. They cleaned up after themselves, made sure gates that were closed when they arrived were closed when they left and they all walked around making sure every spot was painted and nothing was missed. Everything was painted in a timely manner. Couldn’t have asked for a better company to paint my house.

Stephanie S

Prestigious Painting’s staff understands the value and meaning of great customer service. My home is beautiful now, and they all went above and beyond to meet my expectations. Thank you!

Rene J

Very nice work painting the exterior of my house. Very professional and very responsive. Nathan was a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend and will be calling them when it’s time to paint the inside of my home.

Jason E

Prestigious Painting cleaned and painted the exterior of my parents’ home to ready the house to go on the market for sale. Nathan always responded quickly to my calls and kept me up to date on the progress of the job. The painter was honest and trustworthy. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone in the area needing a paint job.

Donna B

Prestigious painting did an amazing job on my in-home repairs and paint job! I would recommend them to anyone needing any paint work done!

Sydnee Camille S

I am a designer and have used many other painters before. Prestigious painting was excellent from start to finish. The scope of work was clearly defined in the contract, there was no guessing about what was included in the price. I had my kitchen wallpaper removed and painted while I was out of town. The painter was very clean and professional. I came home to no mess and a perfectly painted kitchen. Communication with Nathan and with Robin was wonderful. My calls and texts were always answered. I will be using again and would recommend Prestigious painting to anyone.

Tiffany C

Overall I was very pleased with Prestigious Painting. They were very courteous on the phone and in person. I had two bedrooms painted and it was done to perfection, in a timely manner. Very reasonable prices and immaculate work done! I would highly recommend!

Duane G

I highly recommend Prestigious Painting for any of your painting needs. Nathan and his team are very professional, friendly and always respond in a timely manner. We had the exterior of our home painted, along with one bedroom and they did an amazing job!

Tara T

After weeks of trying to get together but due to rain it didn’t happen. I was greeted on Saturday morning by Mr. Robin, who was unable to reach me at the number he was given. He made a special trip to my home and we were able to connect and finally get the job done.He was the most pleasant man and his work was impeccable. Just the idea that he followed through even though we had not confirmed was fantastic.  I highly recommend the company and Mr. Robin.

Sharon M

We used Prestigious Painting to do some work on our house and we could not be happier with the end result. Not only was the job done quickly, but everyone was a pleasure to work with. As a project manager of GW Oliver Construction, my husband Todd has very high standards. Every expectation was met to the fullest extent and we will continue to use them for every upcoming project we have. We highly recommend Prestigious Painting!

Kirby G

We had some repair work in our living room that needed to be done ASAP. Prestigious Painting was quick to the rescue! I found them to be very courteous and professional on the phone. The service was performed in a very timely manner, and was done to perfection! I couldn’t be more pleased with Prestigious Painting. I strongly recommend them for your household painting needs!

Erin B

We had our entire interior painted by Prestigious Painting, and they did an incredible job!! We were very pleased with Nathan and his team! They went over and beyond to make sure everything was just the way we wanted and in a VERY timely fashion. I will definitely use them again in the future. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!

Molley C

We had the brick exterior of our home and the shutters painted and we also had 3 cypress doors sealed. Nathan, Hector and crew were absolutely wonderful to work with. They were reliable, prompt, friendly, competitively priced and they did excellent work. I highly recommend them and I look forward to using them in the future,

Ben P

I was very pleased with the crew that painted my house. They cleaned up after themselves, made sure gates that were closed when they arrived were closed when they left. They all walked around making sure every spot was painted and nothing was missed. Nathan was a pleasure to deal with. I will definitely be using them for any future painting projects.

Stephanie S

We had our interior painted by Prestigious Painting before moving in our new home and they did a great job!! We were very pleased with Nathan and his team! If you need painting work done I would call Nathan for a quote. Thanks for a great job!

Jason F

I don’t usually write reviews, but I feel the need to since their services outstandingly exceeded my expectations!
Living in a condo with my sister at the time, we were looking to have the interior repainted. We wanted to change up the colors but were a little hesitant of having men in and out of our place for who knew how long. I had noticed prestigious painters just by seeing their signs around LSU apartment complexes. (Come to find out, they paint almost all of the nicest complexes in town) After giving the company a call, Mr. Shannon was sent over and we talked colors and textures. I chose 3 colors from Sherwin Williams, and he took care of the rest! The next day, they came over and the whole paint job was completed in that ONE day! Mr. Shannon and the other worker with him were so polite and professional, I highly recommend these guys! And our condo looks amazing!!!

Lindsey R

Prestigious Painting will often show up and give us a quote on the jobsite. We go over paint colors and types of paints to be used in each area of the home. They start the job soon after we accept the bid. Within days, and sometimes the next day, their crew will show up and begin prepping the walls or home exterior for painting. Once the prepping is done, they start painting the walls. This usually takes a few days or less, and they are very easy to work with and have friendly crews. We often have multiple jobs going on inside a home, and we have never had any conflicts working alongside the guys from Prestigious.

Bryan K

With Prestigious Painting, it was very easy to schedule my repairs. I was able to meet them on my lunch break on subsequent days. It took about an hour each day. The two men they sent were very friendly and seemed trustworthy. I was very satisfied with the results. They were in and out, and the ceilings looked good as new.

Steven H

Prestigious painting was recommended to me by a friend. I ended up very happy that I went along with her recommendation. For all the work they performed.. Which included pressure washing, major repair work, exterior painting, ect) they quoted me a very reasonable price. The workers were very professional and polite. I was also impressed at how quickly and thorough the job was done. My house looks brand new!!

Melissa A

Nathan and his painters were very professional and friendly. Nathan came by to check on his painters’ work and progress frequently. They had made sure I was completely happy with their work before they left. I will recommend their services to anyone, and wish them continued success.

Wei C

My experience with Prestigious Painting was wonderful. The staff was extremely professional and knowledgeable. The quote that they gave me for the job was accurate and the results were up to my very high standards. I will definitely recommend this crew to all of my friends and family.

Mary Catherine J

The guys at Prestigious were very fast in getting an estimate for me, which was a good price for the work I needed done. They helped me match all the colors for the house and provided the paint. They were on time both days they came out and did the work alot quicker than I expected (and alot faster than we could have done it.) The workers they sent were very respectful and easy to communicate with (not what I expected.) I was preparing the house to be sold, and it looked 10 times better after a fresh coat of paint on everything! Overall my experience with Prestigious was very positive and they were very professional. I would recommend them to anyone and will use them again in the future if I have any other projects.

Amanda R

They stayed on schedule and completed the work exactly as they described.

Greg H

Our request for an estimate was handled quickly and professionally.  We requested and received proof of insurance.  We asked for two estimates – one to include paint and supplies, and another to exclude paint, so we would have the option of purchasing our own brand.  The difference in price was a few thousand.  To keep the job simpler for us, we decided to have Prestigious supply all materials and paint.  The paint they used was Farrell Calhoun.
The painters came on the day they were scheduled to arrive.  They worked a few days prepping and testing existing paint to determine type of paint ( latex/oil based ).  This was followed by matching existing paint colors with new colors.  The surfaces were primed with the appropriate primer and painted with a coat of latex paint.   Some of the first soffit boards that were painted had a “sheen” blotchiness, which was corrected before continuing with the rest of the house. Prestigious and the painters responded well to this challenge.
We felt comfortable with the painters, who were pleasant to have around and cleaned up thoroughly every day.   Prestigious and the painters communicated well with us to keep us updated with their progress and scheduling.
The house is a large 11/2 story which required the painters to work on the steep roof, with ladders and scaffolding.  The house looked great except for more sheen “blotchiness” on the white carport ceiling.   Prestigious sent the painters back out several times to try to fix the ceiling sheen, and never expected the final payment until the paint results were perfect.  Weather conditions deteriorated thru the holidays, preventing the painters from resolving the ceiling issue, but Prestigious stayed in touch with us while waiting for the weather to improve enough to completely repaint the ceiling.  We were very impressed that they didn’t just repaint, regardless of the humidity and low temps, to receive the final payment and be done with our job!
In January, the painters completely repainted the carport ceiling and now the whole house looks beautiful!  We don’t think we’ll use this brand of paint again, but we will definitely use Prestigious Painting in the future.  The job and its challenges (sheen differences and weather) were handled professionally and we’re very happy with the end result.

Linda J

Nathan rust and his crew did a fine job. They matched my previous wall paint for my 2500 sqft condo and added semigloss to my trims, fireplace, and blind fixtures. I had a short list of concerns from my walk through after they were done. Every item on this list was addressed and corrected the following day.

Geoffrey G

Sheetrock/Painting. They did an excellent job and I would most certainly call them back again.

Linda M

Painters showed up on time, and were very efficient and knowledgeable. They cleaned up thoroughly after the job. I was very pleased overall.

Dawn R

I was very pleased with Prestigious Painting. Nathan Rust and all of the workers were very friendly and professional. I am a detailed person so I noticed a few spots that were not done as cleanly as I would have liked. They quickly fixed the areas I pointed out so that I would be fully satisfied. I was so pleased with the company and the work that I am hiring them to do more rooms in my house.

Amanda L

Working with Prestigious Painting was very pleasurable. They were very polite, punctual, neat and the job was completed on a timely basis. In the future, I will definitely call Prestigious Painting to do future jobs.

Dana G

The guys were on time and did quality work.

Nehemiah T

The company was very prompt and responsive. They really had a great deal of knowledge on the products that would last the longest so that I would get the most for my money. I have used painters in the past and they did not operate at the level of professionalism in which this company did. I felt as if they truly cared about the job at hand. I am extremely satisfied with the work that was performed. I will recommend this company to friends and family in the future

Ben C

Unfortunately, I am the 10% of Americans who want reviews, but hardly give them. I know, it’s wrong and I plan to change that, especially after this review! First, THANK YOU! We were in a huge time crunch (9-day window) to fix up our home & then to be listed for sale. 1st painter (referred by friends) no showed & then Figured we wouldn’t make our deadline. I enlisted the help of Prestigious Painting as a last second Hail Mary! Within 4 hrs of submitting the inquiry I spoke with Nathan and he assured me he could help! The next day Mike showed up and really did an amazing job! Went above and beyond what I asked & was more worried about the final product then time or a buck! We now will make our deadline and feel even more confident after Mike’s stellar attention to detail and personal pride he took in his work! Too bad he’s not a realtor, b/c I’m sure he would put the same touch in that as he does in his painting!

Michael C

This provider delivered the best quality paint job I have ever experienced. A few minor (very minor) items I noticed during inspection were promptly addressed with a pleasant attitude.
From the proposal stage through paint selection, schedule development, work progress and wrap-up inspection everything was handled very professionally by individuals that were knowledgeable and cared about the final outcome and my satisfaction.
Everything that was spelled out on the proposal was performed, there were no surprises. I would highly recommend Prestigious Painting to others.

Lane S

My company has employees working in dozens of attics per day (HVAC) and occasionally someone steps through a ceiling. After dealing with nearly a dozen companies that did a poor job of representing us we finally found Prestigious.
Nathan Rust always does an excellent job of following up with our clients quickly and his crews get the job done with excellence. From the initial phone call to the completion of the repairs, Prestigious always represents us well.

Joshua D

These guys really know their business. We had them come in and strip off wallpaper from some walls and paint several rooms in the house. Robin, Mike and the crew were very professional and respectful of our time and valuables. Nothing was damaged by them and there was no paint where it shouldn’t be when they were finished. Fantastic job. We will use them again in the near future.

Dan B

Painted two bathrooms (master and guest)- walls and ceilings. One coat of primer and two top coats. Reasonably quick from estimate to finished job (~ 3 weeks) with the actual work extending over 3 days. The color went from a green-grey hue to a pale white. I was able to specify the brand and quality of the paints used. The wall height in the master bath above a hot tub was twelve feet. That one aspect was more trouble than I wanted to be involved in and why I sought out Prestigious. They seemed to be among the best and we were very satisfied.

Steven and Elaine S

I had moved a light fixture and had a water mark on my ceiling in my living and dining areas which are one very large area. They completed the job in one day and worked around Christmas decor and curtains with no issues.

Melanie G

Painters were friendly, professional and very thorough. They did their due diligence to prep every surface. Robin was by far the best, going above and beyond to do a quality job.

Joel S

They did an EXCELLENT job. Professional crew who took a great deal of pride in their work. They spotted and corrected little issues as they worked that we probably would not even have noticed. The work started and completed on time, even when we added a few items to the scope of work. I would highly recommend them and will use them for other work in the near future.

Jeff M

This was my first painting experience and I was nervous but Nathan and the crew that did the painting were wonderful. They showed up on time and worked continuous except for lunch break. They were polite and courteous. There were two areas that needed touch ups and they returned the next day to correct. Nathan inspected the job for any problems. I would use again and recommend to anyone. Their quote was lowest of three and I have a large home.

Sally C

Everything went great, they completed the job quickly.


We were pleasantly surprised by the great experience. Nathan was prompt, explained what the company offered as well as how the painting would be done. Hector and Nathan were the “go to” people and returned calls promptly if there were any questions or concerns. They roll the paint rather than spray the paint, which decreases the mess. Given the fact we have 12 and 10 foot ceilings and 2600 sq feet of living space, the paint job included ceilings and a lot of prep work for the crown moulding, tile, cabinets–the price was reasonable. They also started and completed the job on time. Best professional painting experience!

Marsha B.

We are very pleased with the work done by Prestigious Painting, in particular Hector who did most of the work in our house. Their price came in higher than a number of other quotes we received, but the quality of their work was far above what we expected. Their professionalism also went a long way to assure us of their integrity as a company. Nathan Rust was very prompt to respond to our message from Angie’s List, likewise they quickly came out to give us a quote. As we were dealing with insurance and mortgage companies after our house flooded, it took a lot of back and forth to get all the necessary paperwork for our mortgage company to release funds. Nathan again was very helpful and prompt working with us to get everything in order and to start work in our house quickly. We highly recommend Prestigious Painting.

Kelly C.

After watching friends end up with terrible contractors after the flood of 2106, I decided to look on Angie’s List for the best possible options. Nathan and his crew were outstanding! They arrived on time and finished when they said they would. They were polite and easy to work with. We had a small miscommunication with a paint color. But they fixed the mistake and still completed the job on time. No mess, no drama, top notch company!

Beth L.
You’re ready to paint your home–congratulations!   The hardest thing to do in my opinion is deciding when and how to get your project completed.  Let’s say you’ve decided to hire a contractor so you can avoid the DIY blues–who will handle getting the paint?   Is it better to purchase it yourself, or ask the painting contractor to do this?   FIRST, LET’S TALK BRASS TAX–WHAT WILL SAVE YOU THE MOST MONEY?   Several
Exterior Painting, Interior Painting, Interior Pricing
Let’s face it, we all spend the MOST time in one room in our house–the Kitchen!   Are you tired of those dark and drab stained kitchen cabinets?  This look is a hit for many, but for some kitchens it can make everything just seem gloomy.   WHY YOU WANT TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL   Painting Stained Cabinets requires a lot of attention to detail, coating solutions that adhere and provide hardy finishes, and also
Interior Painting, Interior Pricing
Have you ever tried to buy something from someone that wouldn’t tell you what it cost up front?   You finally get in front of someone that can help you, but they withhold information… It can be so frustrating!   Sometimes you just need to know a ballpark number so you can prepare, or even know what a project could cost.   Now, I’m not going to say that any painter should be able to
Interior Painting, Interior Pricing
So you’ve finally decided–it’s time to tackle that big painting project around the house, and you know you’ll need a pro to do it!  After all, you don’t want to spend the next 6 weekends doing it yourself, do you?   Now, you’ve got to find a contractor that will do the job that you can trust.  There are a lot of things to look out for to ensure you get a great job and
Exterior Painting
My favorite time of year in Baton Rouge is early fall–the weather stays cooler during the day and it’s way more enjoyable to be out in the field doing estimates!   What’s not to love about that?   Whether it’s fall, spring, winter, or summer..  you may be thinking that you’ve got a few projects left that you still want to complete before the weather changes–but is it TOO LATE?   Weather plays a big
Exterior Painting
We just had a blast of cold weather here in Baton Rouge (what a Sneaux-Day!)  When that happens, we immediately start to think about what comes along with it.  Namely, the Holiday Season!   At least, that’s the first thing I thought of.  Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday, just because of the food alone!  Not to mention the opportunity to gather with the family we love and give thanks for the year we’ve had.
Exterior Painting, Interior Painting, Staining

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