Paint it Forward 2020

Paint it Forward 2020

Who’s ready to give away $3,500?


It’s a great day to announce the return of our “Paint it Forward” project, where we offer a paint job valued at $3,500 to someone in our community!


There are so many wonderful people and their families who would be deserving of a service like this, and perhaps you may already have someone top of mind.  There may be people you know that really need help maintaining their home—it could be a single parent, a Veteran, an elderly person on social security, or just someone that gives so much to others that you want to give back to them!


2018 Paint it Forward Winners


That was the case with our winner from 2018—an awesome family that had a reputation for doing anything for anyone in need.  They lost their home to the flood of 2016 and we were able to paint the exterior of their home that they rebuilt from the foundation up, slowly but surely.  I’m really proud that we were able to serve them, and we are very excited to do this again this year!


To nominate someone, just go to this page–there is a nomination form there that you can fill out and tell us the story of someone you believe truly deserves this act of service.




How do we choose who wins?


Easy–we leave it up to our team!  Since they will be doing the work, we review the nominations with them and have them decide who they believe they want to help the most.  Nominations are kept confidential to the owners and our team and are not discussed with those nominating or other outside parties unless further information is needed.


To live out our values, we try to use the resources and skills we already have to help the people in our community.  We’ve received so much support from people over the years, we believe strongly that it is important to pay (or paint) that forward!


To keep up with the process…


Follow us on our facebook page HERE and we will announce the winner!


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