What Is The Right Kind Of Paint For The Stucco On My Home in Prairieville, LA?

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What Is The Right Kind Of Paint For The Stucco On My Home in Prairieville, LA?

What Is The Right Kind Of Paint For The Stucco On My Home in Prairieville, LA?

When you are looking to paint the exterior of your home, the kind of material used to make the exterior makes the painting job differently, certainly in terms of what kind of paint you use.

The kind of paint that you use when you paint a house with wooden siding, for example, is not the same as the kind of paint you would use with an aluminum siding house, and certainly not the same as what you would use with a brick exterior.

With that being the case, let us now look at and consider what is the right kind of paint for the stucco on your home in Prairieville, LA.

Considering Acrylic Paint

One kind of paint that is appropriate to use for stucco exterior is acrylic paint.

Some would suggest that oil paint might be just as good of paint to use for stucco, but this is not the case.

Oil paint is bad for stucco in a number of factors, one of which is that the paint is bad for the stucco itself, and it doesn’t dry well on stucco, either.

Acrylic paint, on the other hand, is good with stucco paint and does not interfere with the process of having the paint dry appropriately.

In terms of paint colors, you might find that beige acrylic paints, sand, or even peach color will look good on your stucco exterior.

Considering Elastometric Paint

Elastomeric paint is a sort of paint that is made to protect stucco exteriors, particularly against things like the elements (windy rain) and the like.

Elastomeric paint is made of a sort of bendable material that can move with the structure upon which it is painted.

It is suggested that when using Elastometric paint, you should only spray it on, and in any case, it should be applied in a more thick layer than perhaps you would be generally used to if you were using another kind of paint.

Considering Masonry Paint

Masonry paint is one of the ones that is traditionally recommended for painting stucco.

Mineral-based masonry paint, in particular, is recommended for painting stucco because unlike other kinds of masonry paint, it allows the surface of the stucco to breathe as it were.

This is important because if rain gets under the surface of your paint job and it is not allowed to breathe, it could very well damage the stucco itself. After all, the water has nowhere to go.

Mineral masonry paint is additionally protected against damage from the sun in the form of UV rays as well as mold, which can not only cause long term damage to your home but can present health issues to anybody who lives in the home.

Pigment Instead Of Paint

There is another possibility for you as the owner of a stucco house to get it to have a nice new color for it, and that is to apply pigment to the stucco instead of painting it.

The process of pigment on your stucco home is different from painting your home as it is related to incorporating pigment in the final layer of stucco that goes onto your home instead of applying coats of paint.

The main advantage of this is that the color will last considerably longer than a paint job and you will not find that the paint will chip the way that a coat of paint will.

The way it works is that the pigment will mix with the particles of stucco and adds the color to the stucco itself.


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