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Painting stained cabinets can brighten up any room in your home. Update your kitchen or bathroom without having to replace the entire cabinetry. Plus, it can also protect your cabinets from further damage caused by water, grease, and dirt build-up. Here are some methods we use to help you achieve a beautiful, long-lasting finish on your stained cabinets. Here are some of the application methods we utilize to ensure you get a professional job:

Our team uses TSP to clean and degloss your cabinets before priming, ensuring that your new finish will last.
Our spray painting process ensures a uniform, defect-free finish.
The prep and masking services will protect your valuable surfaces like flooring, countertops, and appliances from damage during the painting process.
We use adhesion primers that help the paint job adhere to stained surfaces and cover dark or rich stain colors. This prevents any tannins in the wood from bleeding through the paint job, resulting in a beautiful, long-lasting finish.
We putty and caulk the seams and nail penetrations that become visible after priming to give your cabinets a finished and professional appearance.
Our topcoats are made with oil and alkyd-based paints, which offer self-leveling properties and a rigid, hard surface that will hold up to the rigors of everyday use. This will help protect your cabinets from further damage caused by water, grease, and dirt build-up.

Common variables that can affect the price of your cabinet painting job:

The wood your cabinets are made of – some woods are more common with stained cabinets, such as oak. Other more exotic woods like cypress may require additional primer coats or more sanding.

The type of hinges you have – older styles of non-recessed hinges can be more difficult to work with in order to remove cabinet doors, but in some cases we actually paint these hinges. Newer style hinges are commonly recessed and easier to adjust, and allow us to separate the door from the cabinet body without removing the hardware from each. A major factor we consider is ensuring your doors will still fit square and flush if we take them off the hinges.
Whether or not you choose to have the interior of the cabinet boxes painted can affect price, but not tremendously so. Materials and labor saved by leaving the interiors stained can wash out after masking the interior of the cabinet boxes to protect them.
The environment the cabinets are in can affect the labor required to properly mask the surfaces surrounding them, as well as labor required to create a “clean-room” effect to prevent aerosolized paint from escaping into other areas of your home.

Sample Pricing To Help Budget For Painting Cabinets

All pricing examples are based on 1 Coat of Primer, and 2 coats of a premium-grade oil-based enamel, alkyd-based enamel, or Urethane coating. A simple and great guide for how to price the painting of your stained cabinets, is $150/door or panel, and $50/drawer.

A small to medium-sized set of cabinets like the ones above typically costs between $3,500-$4,000
A larger-sized set of cabinets like the ones above typically costs between $4,250-$5,000
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