Interior Painting Pricing

What does Interior House Painting Cost?

Painting the inside of a home takes great attention to detail, neatness, skill, and a great Team!

Every home is different, and there are so many things that can affect the cost of interior painting. While several variables are involved, we will try to give you something to compare to common rooms in your home. Painting with oil and covering or applying deep colors can affect pricing, as well as more extensive prep like drywall repairs, extensive caulking, sanding, etc.

Some of the Major Variables to consider that impact the cost of interior painting are:

  • The Height of the Ceilings – there can be a big difference in labor between 8’ ceilings and 12’ ceilings, not to mention more drywall to paint.
  • The current colors and the new colors – this can effect how many coats and what type of paint to use at times.
  • The Prep involved – is the drywall evenly textured, are there anchor & nail holes to patch? Does the trim need sanding, caulking, or puttying?
  • The environment we will be working in – are the rooms empty, or will they have furniture in the middle? What type of floors are there? Will they need special coverings to protect them?
  • What kind of doors or trim do you have – are the doors paneled or flat? Do you have single or double layered crown? Will the colors change or stay the same? Are they painting in oil or latex?

These are just a handful of the factors we take into consideration when pricing interior painting for our customers. This is why when customers sometimes ask our “Price per Square foot,” the answer isn’t always that simple. We provide custom painting proposals that fit your home exactly, as opposed to just applying a cookie cutter price and hoping it fits the job.

Here are some sample prices that you can use to help budget for interior painting. Our project minimum is $400 or above—any project valued below this level qualifies for our Painter for a day Program.  All pricing examples are based on 2 coats of a professional-grade latex zero-VOC paint.


(Includes Paint)

Small Room 8×6
Wall Surface 252 Sq Ft $155.00
Prep & Masking Varies $65.00
Ceiling Surface 36 Sq Ft $50.00
Doors and Casings Per Side $30.00
Baseboard 28 Ln Ft $30.00
Small Room 10 x 12
Wall Surface 396 Sq ft $225.00
Prep & Masking Varies $85.00
Ceiling Surface 120 Sq ft $100.00
Doors and Casings Per Side $30.00
Baseboard 44 Ln Ft $40.00
Medium Room 12 x 15
Wall Surface 486 Sq Ft $325.00
Prep & Masking Varies $125.00
Ceiling Surface 180 Sq Ft $120.00
Doors and Casings Per Side $30.00
Baseboard 54 Ln Ft $50.00
Large Room 15 x 20
Wall Surface 630 Sq Ft $450.00
Prep & Masking Varies $190.00
Ceiling Surface 300 Sq Ft $160.00
Doors and Casings Per Side $30.00
Baseboard 70 Ln Ft $50.00

All Wall Surfaces are figured for 9′ high ceilings.
If you have 10′ high ceilings then add 25%.
If you have 12′ high ceilings then add 50%.
If you have 14′ high veilings then add 75%.


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