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What are people saying about Gateway Roofing?

I could have saved a lot of time if I would’ve contacted Gateway first. They ended up being the most reliable and best roofers that I dealt with. David is very honest and upfront with everything. David and his crew were on time and did an awesome job on my roof.
-Monsieur Buster
Not a better roofing company in Baton Rouge! David Mancuso and his crew could not have been any friendlier or professional. David is honest, fair, and a joy to work with. I now have a beautiful roof and it was replaced in 1 day. Although I was not home during most of the day, David sent pictures, explanations, and remedies, for anything out of the ordinary, NO surprises. I cannot truly convey just how satisfied I am with the work David and the Gateway Roofing crew performed.
-Kyle Coats
Gateway Roofing offers excellent service always looking out for the customers best interest. David came over and inspected the roof before buying a house. He took his time looked at any potential problems and then gave options for replacement and repair. I have known him for quite some time and he is honest, trustworthy and stands behind his work.
-Amy Lytle
David Mancuso scheduled and completed my roof inspection within 24 hours. The minor repairs required were completed the same day and at a very reasonable price. Very honest, prompt, and friendly service. I highly recommend Gateway Roofing!
-Mary Gentry
Gateway roofing repaired my roof after a tree fell on my house during a storm. They were fast, efficient, and did great work. Love that they are local and a family business.
-Heather B.



David:, Nathan Ross:, Tina Mancuso:


Nathan Ross:  00:00

Hello, welcome to the community spotlight. I'm Nathan with Prestigious Painting. I'm here to introduce you to people that I know and trust in our community. Today I'm here with David and Tina Mancuso. How are you?


Nathan Ross:  00:10

Great Good


Nathan Ross:  00:11

They are with Gateway Roofing. So where are you guys from?


David:  00:14

Baton Rouge. We've been here all our lives.


Nathan Ross:  00:16

Awesome. So, you know, you've seen this place grow tremendous amounts since you've been here. I grew up in Zachary. And it was just cows when I was a kid.


Tina Mancuso:  00:26

In Central it was the same.


Nathan Ross:  00:27

Yeah. Tell us about Gateway Roofing. What do you guys do?


David:  00:32

Well, we're licensed roofing contractor. We do roofing installs, we mainly do residential work. And we do pre inspections and evaluations. And we work with the insurance companies. And


Nathan Ross:  00:47

So mainly if you got like a pitched roof, shingles, you guys can handle that specifically in if you have like a single family home, right?


David:  00:55

Definitely. Anything residential?


Nathan Ross:  00:58

Yeah. So what is it that you guys love about living here in Baton Rouge doing business in Baton Rouge? You never left? So you must have liked a little bit, right?


Tina Mancuso:  01:06

We know everybody. Yeah. And it's a great, wonderful community. And people if you treat people, right, they they come back and they do business with you over and over again.


Nathan Ross:  01:15

Yeah, that's one thing I do love about Baton Rouge is it's a big town with a small town feel. People still care about doing business with people that they know. And they trust it as long as we have that we'll be okay. So what is it that is unique about Gateway Roofing that people can only get from David and Tina?


David:  01:38

Well, what we do is we're local. So we treat everybody like they're special to us. We do free inspections. And we give you an honest opinion. Okay? If there's not enough damage on your roof, that you need to spend any money, I'll tell you that. And we'll shake hands and walk away. And hopefully I get a good referral from you that if you do need work done, I will let you know what's involved what I would do to keep the maintenance up. And if you need to file an insurance claim, we can walk you through that process.


Nathan Ross:  02:10

Yeah, I think, you know, there's lots of roofing companies in town and everywhere else. And unfortunately, part of that business is people don't always know who they can trust. You know, you a lot of times we're dealing with insurance companies, like you mentioned. And you say, for instance, got hail damage, they're involved and have to approve or deny the claim. So do you guys help with any part of that process of dealing with the insurance company and all the rigmarole that goes with it?


David:  02:40

Yes, I feel that we're basically specialists in that area. And it's because we've dealt with so many claims, and we meet the adjusters at the home. We climb on the roof with the adjusters, we go over any damage up there and the course of action and we help the insurance make an assessment of the roofs a lot of times who knows, they'll want to know my opinion, wouldn't what needs to be done. And so and we have a lot of real good rapport with them. Most of the inssurnce people in Baton Rouge since we are local know us. And when I see them on a job, they already have worked with me before. They know I don't call them out there on a frugalista claim. There's no legitimate damage them they know when they see me, you know, it's probably legit, and we're gonna do some.


Nathan Ross:  03:25

Yeah. So you have a lot more efficient claims process. I'm sure when you're involved.




Tina Mancuso:  03:30

People don't want one thing customers don't know is when they call the roofer. And that's a good thing to tell people is that you don't call your insurance claims service. First. You don't call your adjuster you call a roofer first, then we'll tell you what, there's actual damage and enough of it for you to warrant a claim. And so that way, you're not wasting anybody's time. And there's no fraudulence going on there. We say how much if you need a claim, and then you can then you call them and we tell you when you possibly got your damage. We keep all the storm date. So we know when you want your area had hail, high winds.


Nathan Ross:  04:04

So it sounds like you know if I'm a homeowner, and there's been a lot of hail storms over the past year even and you haven't gotten your roof checked. You'd probably be great people to call first.


Tina Mancuso:  04:15



Nathan Ross:  04:16

To say hey, I think that we had hail but I haven't had it checked and haven't talked to my insurance. You know, can you check it out for me? I'm sure there's plenty homes that got hail and people don't realize that some people don't even realize they need to get the roof checked after.


David:  04:31

And and what's really important about that is if you don't get it checked, and then later in years, you start having problems the insurance company will tell you that it's old damage, they will not pay for it. And then they will tell you that you have to replace the roof within 30 days and that's happened over and over. Yeah, so it's best to get it checked. Yeah, get it check. Take advantage of your insurance. That's why we pay for it.


Nathan Ross:  04:54

Absolutely. So we talked about roofing, you know, you guys are in the service business like I am. So there's a lot of different ways to skin a cat so to speak, different materials, different installation methods. Can you tell me what you guys do that unique to you and the value you provide your customers?


David:  05:15

Yeah, well, we use the top line products, and there's new products on the market all the time. There's shingles that are lifetime mildew resistant. A lot of people don't realize, and we can provide those shingles at the same cost as regular shingles. There's new synthetic filters out that are a better product than the old Felts. They do a lot more for you. There's a product called Ice and Water that up north they put in their valleys because they have snow all the time. Repair leaks. Well, we use that here. You know, a lot of roofers won't use it but the little piece of metal that rust, and it people always have leaks when it rains they call the roofers when it rains we take naps.


Tina Mancuso:  05:53

It's more expensive for us, but it gives our customers some peace of mind.


Nathan Ross:  06:00

Yeah, well, I've I tried to do the same thing. Even with little things like caulk and using the right cleaning products, you know my costs a little bit more. But if we have that much better of a job better prep, better quality that lasts longer, there's less chance of failure down the line that sounds like he has tried to do things the same way.


David:  06:22

Don't cut any corners because the warranty work will eat you out.


Nathan Ross:  06:27

Well, I personally refer a lot of my customers to Gateway Roofing they always say really great care of them. If you at home, need somebody look at your roof or know someone that does you guys, tell them where we can find you?


Tina Mancuso:  06:42

Well, we have a Facebook page Gateway Roofing and that's the quickest way because we're always checking and we have at the Gateway roofing website, gatewayroofing2000. And you can also call David at


David:  06:56



Nathan Ross:  06:58

All right, thank you guys for the first community spotlight.


Tina Mancuso:  07:01

Thank you so much.


Nathan Ross:  07:02

Some business your way.


David:  07:03

Thank you, all right.

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