How do I dispose of my old paint?

Old Paint Cans

How do I dispose of my old paint?

It’s time to clean out that shed! Look at all these cans…


This question is high up in the top 10 that my clients ask–especially after a fresh painting project.  Now that all the new colors are applied, what to do with all these old paint cans we kept from the past 10, 15, or 20 years?


Never fear–the answers are clear. But first, let me tell you how we help you avoid this paintcan-pileup in the first place!


  1. We leave remaining opened gallons for each color from your project and clearly label what it was used for.  Example – Boy’s Bedroom Walls; Kitchen Cabinets & Trim. Each gallon will have the product, sheen, and color formula clearly displayed on a label of the can from the paint provider.
  2. We don’t leave behind extra cans, duplicates, or empties that will just confuse you 5 years later!
  3. For EVERY project, we have records with our paint providers by address EXACTLY what products were purchased, including the product line, sheen, and color formulas.


So now that the future crisis is avoided, what do you do when you’re ready to clean out that shelf of the storage room or garage where the myriad of different products have piled up?





  1. Latex & water-based products can go in the trash IF they have completely hardened in the can. Do not dump out these products into the sewer system, wastewater collection, or the environment.  Take liquid or semi-hardened cans, add kitty litter or paint hardener, and throw in the trash after they’ve completely hardened.
  2. Oil & Solvent-Based products must be disposed of through an appropriate recycling center or at a Hazardous Materials Collection Day.  Do not pour these products into the sewer system, wastewater collection, or the environment. Do not throw them away into your trash–these products are flammable whether liquid or hardened.


If you live in East Baton Rouge Parish, here’s an easy guide straight from the City-Parish Government on how to handle paint products.  Here is their page with more comprehensive information.  The Parish hosts a Hazardous Materials Collection Day twice a year.


If you live in Ascension Parish, here is an article about their most recent Hazardous Materials Collection Day.


If you live in Livingston Parish, refer to the Livingston Parish office of Emergency Preparedness for their next Hazardous Materials Collection Day.


It’s also worth mentioning that the Habitat for Humanity REStore will take unused or partially used latex paint, as well as unused construction materials!




…you’re doing the right thing by disposing of your waste responsibly!  Thanks for considering the impact that discarded paint products have on our community and our environment.


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